Marianna Simnett


Marianna Simnett is a London-based artist working with moving image, installation and performance. Her videos blend heightened documentary techniques, such as using non-actors playing versions of themselves, with hallucinatory shifts in setting and character that disrupt our ability to distinguish what is real from what is imagined. Recent and upcoming solo exhibitions and screenings include: Worst Gift, Matt’s Gallery, London, 2017; Lies, Seventeen Gallery, New York, 2016; Valves Collapse, Seventeen Gallery, London, 2016; Park Nights, Serpentine Pavilion, London, 2015; and Blue Roses, Comar, Isle of Mull (Scotland), 2015. Simnett was a winner of the Jerwood/FVU Award in 2015 and is shortlisted for the Jarman Award 2017.



Title of video:

The Needle and the Larynx

Year of production:



15m 17s


United Kingdom