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Video art exhibition and public discussions,  M.I.T. Movimento Identità Trans, Bologna, 9 Novembre – 8 December 2018


Friday 9 November 2018 –  Public Discussion

Sede MIT


Trans/Action! Intergenerational Perspectives of Trans Activism



Diego Marchante (GenderHacker, transfeminist activist and video artist)

Mijke van der Drift (Transfeminist  activist, video maker, Goldsmiths University of London)

Porpora Marcasciano (Transfeminist activist, M.I.T)

Vick Virtù (Transfeminist  activist, researcher, M.I.T)


AG Arfini (Researcher, activist, CRAAZI Centro di Ricerca e Archivio Autonomo transfemministaqueer Alessandro Zijno)



Thursday 22 November 2018

Opening of the Transitional States Video Art Exhibition

LABS Gallery



Monday 26 November 2018 – Public Discussion

Atelier Sì


Need-le it? Bodily Self-determination Processes



Alessia/Leo Acquistapace (Consultoria Transfemminista Queer Bologna)

Chiara Beccalossi (Historian, University of Lincoln)

Olivia/Roger Fiorilli (Researcher, Paris Cermes3 and transfeminist activist)

Valentina Coletta (Transfeminist activist, M.I.T)


Stefania Voli and Vick Virtù (Researchers and transfeminist activists)




Friday 7 December 2018 – Public Discussion

Cinema Lumiere


Broadcasting the Trans self: New Media Images and Perspectives



Fox and Owl (Non-binary trans activists, artists and video makers)

Richard Thunder (YouTube host and LGBT activist)

Storm Turchi (TMW Italia, Trans Media Watch)


Antonia Caruso (writer and transfeminist activist)


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