Author: Georgia R. Petts

A Safe Space for Students

In February the University of Lincoln hosted a video art exhibition and a programme of events, Transitional States, led by Dr Chiara Beccalossi, a senior lecturer at the University. Society often gets caught up in the politics of discussions surrounding gender and identity, however the exhibition created a safe place for students, who curated three cabinets of objects that showed how they expressed their gender identity.   One object was a handmade chest binder supplied by Sam. This item appears to be well worn and, as the owner’s description said, it was used not only by them, but also a friend. Sam uses this item to define their struggle with gender identity, as well as society’s need to put everyone into one of two categories, male or female. The binder symbolises the freedom that de-gendering yourself can provide when you do not feel like you belong in one of two boxes. The...

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