Author: Cristina Sain and Max Schiozzi

Zaya Barroso, 'Transito'

Trieste transitions: Dialogue and understanding

Hosting Transitions: hormones between art and science at Cavó in Italy offered a unique opportunity to showcase a marginalised topic and offer the public insights into how hormones can impact people’s lives in many different ways.   We were initially interested in hosting the programme after learning about the Transitional States exhibition in Bologna in November-December 2018. This exhibition’s ability to raise discussion and debate in a positive way was very much in line with what we aim to achieve at Cavó.   Transitions: hormones between art and science forms a continuation of our broader efforts to raise discussions about identities through our Varcare la Frontiera festival. This festival, which we have held since 2012, looks at identity with a particular focus on the political, social and cultural contexts of contemporary life.   In bringing this exhibition to Trieste, we offered audiences the opportunity to consider and reflect on the theme of identities. With an increasing...

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