Author: Antonia Caruso

Trans Self-Representation: YouTube and the Rise of DIY Media

Broadcasting the Trans Self: New Media Images and Perspectives was the third and final public discussion of the Transitional States events programme in Bologna, co-organised with the MIT – Movimento Identità Trans, one of the oldest trans associations in Italy and active since 1981. The speakers were trans and non-binary activists, Fox and Owl, Richard Thunder and Storm Turchi, and they discussed how YouTube and digital media have contributed to give voice to the trans community in the last decade or so. This blog will expand some points that were raised during the discussion and provide some data to broaden the perspective.   YouTube is very popular among young people, with 94% of 18- to 24-year-old Americans using it. Despite the three top worldwide YouTube search queries being ‘Despacito’ (yes, that song), ‘BST’ (a Korean pop band) and ‘Bad Bunny’ (a Puerto Rican, Latin trap and reggaetón singer), videos can be a...

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